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3,500-Year-Old 100% Natural  Remedy Helps Relieve The True  Cause of  
Toenail Fungus in Just Days 

“The fungus is rapidly spreading to his liver…

And in the next few hours,
it will reach his other organs too…

“Unfortunately, there is no turning back from here.

If there’s anything you’d like him to know,
now’s the time to say it.

I am not sure how much time he has left…

It’s probably a good idea to call a priest for him to go in peace…

His immune system is so ravaged that I am afraid
that even a mosquito bite would prove deadly.

We tried everything but his organs are shutting down…
One by one…

I am deeply sorry!”

As the doctor left the room…
We gathered around his bed…

Our hands ice-cold, our eyes flooded with tears of sorrow,
our hearts beating out of our chests…

A wave of sheer panic and anguish flooded the room.

We stared in awe at each other, crying uncontrollably…

Thinking that this couldn’t be it…

The Smell of Death
Was Overpowering

No one, NO ONE… could wrap their minds around it.

How could this happen?

How could a perfectly healthy 48-year-old husband, father, and friend…

Go from this (pic of a healthy smiling man) to this (pic of a man in hospital with ventilation tubes) in just a few days.

All from a toenail fungal infection.

There were no clues, no warning signs…

Except that small, seemingly innocent yellow spot on his middle left toenail…

Hi, my name is Ian Eddington and in the next 7 minutes, right inside this presentation, you’ll finally come to see the unmasked, jaw-dropping truth behind toenail fungus.

You’ll discover why fungal infections are not only more common than we were led to believe.

But why they are also flat out deadly.

Spreading out to infect bones and organs like your liver, kidneys, lungs, even your heart, and your brain!

At any moment now.

Myco Nuker

In fact, you won’t believe what the #1 source of fungal infections is in your house right now.

And how it can leave you exposed, fighting for your life in a cold hospital bed.

This report will finally make you see why no pharmaceuticals worked so far…

And understand the true culprit behind this deadly pathogen.

Whatever It Is You Are Doing Right Now, Just Pause for a Moment, Pull Yourself a Chair and Listen Closely

If this sounds like you, or someone you know…

Then what you are about to learn in this presentation will not only shock you…

It will most definitely save your life…

The harsh reality is that we are all equally likely to become victims of this infection without doing anything wrong…

As you are about to find out, it’s a lot like playing Russian roulette.

The good news is that it has put researchers on a frenetic quest…

To understand the root cause of fungus and find a unique 100% natural solution to restore nail health.

Wooden Shiny Roulette Details in a Casino

The Secret to Beating Toenail Fungus Has Nothing to Do With How Much You Exercise, What Supplements You Take, or How Many Practitioners and Podiatrists You Visit…

In fact, as you are about to discover, the secret lies in a little-known papyrus discovered near the place where the Grand Egyptian Museum is today, more than 44 years ago.

An old piece of paper covering over 3,500 years of ancient history and medicine, has led to the discovery of a simple solution that ends your suffering and allows you to be one step ahead of fungus.

No invasive treatments needed…

No need to waste your hard-earned money on bogus cures…

The Simple Trick You Are About to Discover Will Reignite Your Love Life, Restore Your Self Esteem, and Bullet Proof Your Health in Just a Few Days From Now

This Applies Not Only to Toenail Fungus Infections but Also to Athlete’s Foot, Ringworm, and Yeast Infection Sufferers

In fact, with this simple and natural solution you’ll find out in the next few minutes you’ll have a real chance at living your best years to the max…

Without compromising your health or pursuing myths that hinder your ability to get rid of toenail fungus once and for all.

As you’re about to witness with your own eyes, it’s possible to get rid of toe and nail fungus easily and efficiently, without the need for invasive treatments

You can do it 100% naturally…

Accessing an unlimited source of abundant health and restoration…

And healing your body from the inside out.

Right from the comfort of your HOME!

But With Sandal Season Over Why Should You Even Bother to Find a Treatment?

You see a little over 7 years ago, Bob, a beloved husband, father, and friend of mine was only 48 years old when his entire life almost ended because of something as simple as toenail fungus.

It was July 8th, 2013, when he left his home around 8 in the morning to go to work.

Without suspecting the ordeal that lied ahead.

He was in perfect health and great shape.

He used to jog every day.

He didn’t have any preexisting medical conditions, no history of athlete’s foot.

He never walked barefoot in public swimming pools.

And never in his life did he ever get a pedicure.

Neither did he perform any strenuous activities like military service, or physical construction work that put him at a high risk of getting infected with this horrible disease.

In fact, he had only noticed the infection flaring up in his middle left toe months before the horrible event.

Little did we know back then that the yellowish spot on his toenail was in fact a symptom of a much worse problem.

Just like you, he too explored various treatment options like itraconazole (Sporanox) and terbinafine (Lamisil).

But instead of helping his situation, these left him deeply confused and flat-out disappointed.

Not to mention with a huge hole in his pocket.

Money flushed down the toilet as he’d put it…


Not because they didn’t help at all…

But because when conditions were „right” due to stress or poor immunity…

Another fungus flare-up came back to haunt him.

And when he least expected it… He had to cancel plans or change his schedule.

The lack of control over his own life was frustrating, to say the least.

But It Gets Even More Real and Frightening Than This…

Soon after the drug cocktail, he was recommended by doctors, the side effects started to kick in.

Bob had to endure severe stomach cramps, nausea, skin rash, headaches.

But despite the growing pain and agony, he continued to put up with this “necessary evil” as he used to say.

The downside of this ordeal and huge sacrifice?

Pills and creams gave him a false sense of hope, thinking that things were under control until they weren’t any more…

All while distracting him from the  #1 danger of toenail fungus.

Aside from the widely known risk of the fungus spreading to infect other toenails, or developing athlete’s foot, ringworm…


His social, professional, and marital life took a nosedive too…

Which made him feel deeply insecure, alone, and well less of a man…

Beyond all that, fungal infections are responsible for creating even more damage to your system.

It’s disturbing but you deserve to know the truth…

It happened to Bob and it can happen to you too.

It was a cloudy Wednesday when Bob was rushed to the hospital on accounts of vomiting, disorientation, and severe pain in his abdomen.

His wife, entire family, and friends, we were all caught by surprise. And quite frankly in complete denial.

Imagine your partner or someone you know and care about… one minute being fine leaving for work, then seeing them intubated fighting for their life.

This image messes with your head and it leaves you questioning every aspect of life…

Yet there he was, within a few days, more vulnerable than I ever remembered him.

Fighting for his life, machines everywhere, his face a bright yellow was buried under a pile of tubes coming out of his mouth…

As for us… we had so many questions and no answers…

For a while, until the test results came in, doctors were completely baffled too.

Everything seemed surreal…

How could someone end up at the mercy of something so innocent yet so cruel at the same time?

“A major chain reaction is taking place inside his body, and the infection is spreading to his other organs too.

There’s no way we can stop it…

His immune system is compromised. Whatever we tried or did, could result in aggravating his state…

His body is practically defenseless not only against fungus but the smallest infection at this point.”

surgeons in operating room at hospital

Entire teams of residents and doctors came to see and learn…

To them, he was just an interesting case…

But for us he was irreplaceable…

The Fungal Infection Was Winning and There Was Nothing Anyone Could Do to Stop It…

This is even more worrying if you have a history of medical problems like type 2 diabetes, asthma, compromised heart valves, etc.

In fact, here’s how this happens exactly…

Here’s how you can become a sitting duck for a storm of fungal infections in a matter of months, even weeks.

Yes, it’s that fast…

Because when left untreated your body becomes a breeding ground for fungus.

With nowhere to go, the infection is forced into the bloodstream, traveling throughout your entire body, looking for its next victim, and damaging anything in its way…

Bones, joints, other organs including your kidneys, lungs, and brain you name it…

Any healthy part of your body can become infected with this microscopic killer without you suspecting or feeling anything.

Causing not only incredible pain…

But worst of it all… organ failure.

This brings me back to the reason why I am telling you all this in the first place.

You see, this sad story actually has a happy ending that I am very excited to share with you today…

It has led me to a discovery that changes everything.

Everything we wrongly knew about toenail fungus, its true cause…

Even why no treatment worked so far in delivering a massive impact…

How Do I Know So Much About Toenail Fungus?

Like I said before, my name is Ian Eddington and I am the lead medical researcher at Cell Grail Laboratories.

A small yet respected lab in Wilmington, Delaware.

Cell Grail is a team of scientists, doctors, and health experts…

Deeply invested in helping people naturally live healthier, happier, and better lives.

Group of diverse healthcare experts doing virus examining

But beyond that, I am a human being and I’ve seen firsthand the crippling effects of this pathogen on my loved ones.

Bob Jameson was a good friend of mine…

But he wasn’t the only one in my family to have struggled with this microscopic villain.

My grandfather battled toenail fungus for most of his golden years until he was struck down by a simple flu at 61.

He was someone who loved life and lived it to the fullest…

He always used to joke around and make my brother and I laugh so hard…

As an archeologist, he had plenty of stories from his expeditions to tell us…

Over time I even found out that he had managed to gather an impressive collection of items.

His most valuable one was also what eventually led me to the incredible solution I am about to share with you in this very presentation…

A Rare Papyrus Containing Over 160 Plant-Based Recipes for Common Diseases, Including Fungal Infections…

You see, as a kid, my grandfather always used to tell me this story about a strange discovery he had made by accident while on an expedition in Egypt.

This strange discovery he and his team unearthed in Egypt’s Western Desert over 44 years ago – just a few miles away from where The Grand Egyptian Museum is today, was not a mummy as they expected.

It was an ancient medical document that has long helped ancient Egyptian treat their pharaohs for the most common diseases of their time.

Like many civilizations in the past, Egyptians relied a lot on the medicinal properties of plants in their environment to treat many conditions from simple headaches to infected wounds.

You’ve Probably Heard of the Famous Ebers Papyrus Containing Healing Recipes

From topical ointments, and wrappings, to oral medication such as pills and mouth, rinses their secrets healed many different ailments.

In fact, their vast knowledge of the human body makes them the greatest medical innovators of their time.

Take the complex process of mummification for example.

It involves inserting a long hooked implement through a nostril, breaking the thin bone of the braincase, and removing the brain.

I never realized it until recently, but his stories not only captivated me as a child, they also influenced my work, pushing me to study ancient plants and methods in-depth in the search for a cure.

Maral root in herbal medicine

So when Bob’s wife reached out to me and offered to sponsor a natural solution for toenail fungus.

I knew this was the right job for me.

It knew it was the right opportunity to put my grandfather’s inheritance to good use…

And help other people stay safe from the harsh life sentence of toenail fungus….

I was honored by the greatness of this mission…

But I also knew that it would mean many late-night hours spent at the lab every day for the next few years after work too.

So I quit my job and with some money, I managed to put aside and what Bob’s wife cashed in from his life insurance policy, I created Cell Grail Laboratories.

Together we started working on a cure that would revolutionize the entire toenail fungus industry.

Unfortunately, there was one small problem we didn’t foresee.

Finding the same ingredients as in that old Egyptian papyrus.

I was definitely a big obstacle in recreating that same 100% natural toenail fungus remedy.

Luckily I knew just the person who could help…

Dr. Kinyoto

Dr. Kinyoto is a former college professor of mine and a spectacular scientist who specialized in the medicinal properties of over 10,000 plants.

He didn’t need much convincing as his lab had just closed down and he had virtually no place to work…

The timing was perfect so I invited him to jump on board.

I was sure that his knowledge and expertise would help me reverse engineer the process and replace some of the ingredients in that old recipe while recreating the same potent solution for blocking fungal overgrowth.

Doctor listening to his patient in his office

This Brings Me to the Reason Why I Created This Presentation in the First Place

I’m so excited to share the following news with you today.

It literally represents the apogee of my career, a culmination of all my efforts as a medical researcher and scientist to date.

It’s also the result of 5 and a half years of hard work in terms of researching, reading medical journals from all over the world, reverse engineering, and lab testing…

All with the purpose of eventually recreating that potent mix of herbs that would have saved Bob’s life, my grandfather’s, and many other people worldwide.

This will allow you to get rid of fungus and experience life worry-free.

While enjoying a regular walk on the beach, a brand new pair of shoes.

We Eventually Succeeded in Creating Not Only an All-Natural Method for Removing Toenail Fungus but Also Doing So by Tackling the Real Cause of It.

A Herbal Formula You Can Add to Your Diet With Just 3 Minutes a Day!

Before I tell you what this formula is…

I bet you are curious to find out the one true source of your problems…

It’s unlike anything you’ve seen or heard before…

In a few minutes from now, you are going to understand the truth for the first time ever since you started battling this nasty toenail infection…

Why you haven’t been able to go back to your normal life and live a life of happiness, without any worries and shame.

The real reason that led to Bob’s death…

And how this could have been easily prevented with just 3 minutes a day…

Without taking any meds, applying ointments, wasting huge amounts of money…

Even without leaving your house.

For years modern medicine thought that toenail fungus is a skin problem caused by an external pathogen but in reality…

The real source for all your suffering is in fact an overgrowth of candida in your gut.

Candida Is
A Type of Yeast 

Part of Your Gut’s Natural Flora

Typically when under control, it does not cause any problems.

Yet when healthy bacteria and yeast levels are disrupted or the immune system becomes compromised, candida starts to over-reproduce, weakening your body’s immune function even more.

This leads to a series of more dangerous health problems like leaky gut, type 2 diabetes, malignant tumors, and other chronic infections.

Apart from TOENAIL FUNGUS, here are some other common yet hard to spot symptoms of excess yeast in your gut you should look out for:

  • Seasonal allergies or itchy ears
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as bloating and excessive flatulence, constipation, or diarrhea
  • Genital infections or itching
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Mood swings, anxiety, irritability, or depression
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches, brain fog, concentration, and memory problems
  • Cravings for sweets and refined carbs
Senior exhausted woman having headache

This means that your toenail fungus is not a local skin problem anymore like you were led to believe by the manipulative mainstream media.

Think of your gut as a command center that controls everything happening in your body right now.

And of your body like a castle.

Sure it has some holes in it but at the end of the day, its strength is given by the number of soldiers you have protecting it, not the number of foreign invaders trying to conquer it.

This leads us back to how if left untreated this can quickly transition from a localized gut issue to a full-body problem and dangerous health issue by invading your skin, mouth, genitals, thyroid, kidneys, liver, even your lungs, and brain.

The good news is that by tackling the yeast in your gut you can eradicate fungal infections and avoid the emergency room altogether. 

“That’s All-Great Ian, But What Exactly Do I Have to Do to Get Rid of This Nasty Highly Contagious Infection?”

I am glad you asked…

Now that you know that the key to restoring your body’s natural strength, balance, and immunity to fight fungus in all of its forms is inside your very gut…

I am going to disclose what you can do in a second.

But before I do, here’s why a combined approach to treating toenail fungus is important.

To access the information you are about to read, my team of medical experts worked days and nights for over 5 and a half years.

And despite the problems we encountered like spontaneous controls, confiscated documentation…

Our hard work eventually paid off.

And the truth prevailed.

The Unbeatable Approach for Treating Candida Overgrowth and Eliminating Toenail Fungus

Right now, I am about to share with you exclusively the ingredients that can do just that…

Allowing your health to make a remarkable and rapid “comeback”…


While practically eliminating the fungus that’s been clinging to your body…

Lowering your risk of developing more serious health conditions…

And allowing your body to heal from the inside out.

Without any toxic meds, useless creams…

Without wasting another day on so-called “solutions” that waste your hard-earned money…

So here we go…

The first element of this special formula we developed is a mushroom complex with powerful anti-fungal and immune-boosting properties.

It’s been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as well as in certain parts of Japan, Korea, and Russia to boost health and longevity.

It’s known under the name of Shitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushroom complex.

And it forms a unique trio with powerful antibacterial, noninflammatory, antiviral, and antifungal effects.

Not only that, but thanks to the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and especially one compound in particular – Lentinan, they are also praised for promoting bone health and anti-tumor activity in numerous studies.

The second element is represented by beta-glucans which are long chains of monosaccharides, so-called polysaccharides with great immune health benefits useful for treating yeast, candida, and fungal infections.

Beta-glucans work as natural fiber molecules, and have been found to decrease Candida overgrowth in the digestive tract by triggering the release of neutrophils and macrophages.

These are immune system cells that help eliminate fungi, fight bacteria, and kill viruses.

Other health benefits linked to beta-glucans include lowering heart disease risk, stabilizing LDL cholesterol levels, even extending lifespan by up to six years.

And There’s More. These Elements Are Just Part of the Potent Mix We Discovered for Eliminating Fungal Infections and Boosting Your Overall Health

Not a lot of people know this, but unfortunately, as you age, there is a noticeable drop in your immune function, especially in your 60’s, 70’s & 80’s.

You actually produce as many immune cells as you always have, they just don’t work as well anymore.

The simple reason for this is that your immune system becomes the victim of free radical damage.

And maintaining immaculate health when you have constant destruction from free radicals is flat out impossible.

By supplementing your diet with free-radical fighters from nature – antioxidants, a chain reaction gets triggered at the cellular level which speeds up the recovery of not just your toenails, but your skin and internal organs too.

The strong antioxidant combo we’ve worked hard on developing includes Graviola Leaf Extract, Raspberry Fruit Powder, Turmeric, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Pine Bark Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Pomegranate, Cat’s Claw Bark Powder, Garlic Bulb Powder, Panax Ginseng Root Powder.

All of these proved to enhance the power of the other compounds in the formula and send human cells into full regeneration mode.

To complete the picture and balance your gut flora too, we’ve identified in Larch trees a compound called Arabinogalactan (ARA-6) which is a dietary fiber that enhances the immune system through an increase in the beneficial intestinal bacteria Lactobacillus.

As a plant-based probiotic its effects are not only beneficial for your digestive tract health but there is also growing evidence that suggests larch arabinogalactan might boost the immune system too.

Now That You Know What These Powerful Ingredients Are, Here’s the Fastest and Easiest Way to Start Adding Them to Your Diet Each Day…

One option is to find them and start cooking with them…

And while that certainly isn’t a bad idea…

There is a problem when it comes to herbs…

It’s very hard to tell if the ingredients are of high quality or not.

And that’s a big deal because many commercial herbs these days are grown in soils that are robbed of their nutrients due to pollutants and pesticides.

That’s the same reason most individual supplements containing these compounds won’t deliver even 10% of the results you want…

Plus it would mean taking over 20 different capsules each day.

Fortunately getting access to this kind of premium supplement that contains them all is now easy…

Because after more than 5 years spent in the lab…

Cell Grail is pleased to announce that we’ve created a breakthrough formula…

Something that can target the true cause of toenail fungus and other life-threatening diseases…

Cropped image of female students analyzing formulas while performing experiments in classroom

It’s Called Myco Nuker

Myco Nuker is a 100% natural, plant-based supplement you can’t get anywhere else.

Myco Nuker brings together the best of both worlds — over 3,500 years of ancient Egyptian medicine with the health benefits of modern plants.

Together, combined all this know-how led to a cutting-edge formula that helps address candida overgrowth and support your immune system in fighting off nasty fungal infections.

Each capsule contains over 1500 mg of the potent immunity-boosting, anti-fungal, gut repairing, and antioxidant mix, with proven effects not only on toenail fungus but also on other affections like yeast infections, ringworm, Athlete’s foot  – which as you already know are very hard to treat.

In addition to that, we made hundreds of more tests by adding various complementary vitamins like Vitamin C, E, Selenium, Quercitin, and Lycopene which are the powerful, highly nutritional molecules destined to complete your healing process and boost the complex’s efficiency.

How Myco Nuker Works to Eliminate Fungus

To ensure a complete response to the level of the threat posed by candida overgrowth and toenail fungus a combination of situations was required…

Because here’s the reality…

You, me, we are all exposed to thousands of germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses every day.

As fungi can’t survive in a healthy environment, it ultimately makes the difference in your own defense system.

In other words, your immunity system — which we know now is located in the gut… is the ONLY ONE that can activate your body’s protective shield and keep virtually any health problems at bay…

When you have a strong immune system, fungal infections can’t thrive.

Myco Nuker packs a fourfold punch for treating your fungal infection because the way it works is continuous, consistent, and tenacious.

When we created Myco Nuker we had the following process in mind…

businessman counting hands on white background

Step one is to starve the yeast with the Shiitake, Reishi, and Maitake mushroom complex and beta-glucans which have powerful anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

Steps two and three are interconnected and aimed at boosting your immune system while minimizing free radical damage through a potent herbal complex consisting of 15 ingredients which among many others include Turmeric, Green Tea Leaf, and Garlic Bulb Powder.

The fourth and final step is to repair your gut lining and repopulate your gut flora with a good bacteria or probiotic found in Larch trees, a compound called Arabinogalactan (ARA-6).

So you see, Myco Nuker was created based on a 100% natural formula that brings together a mix of good bacteria, immunity boosters, antioxidants, and anti-fungal herbs that deliver a synergistic activity.

This combined approach triggers an improvement reaction in the appearance of not just your nails but that of your entire body.

Simply put, Myco Nuker creates an invisible barrier against potentially deadly fungi, strengthens your immune system, reconditions your skin and nails, balances gut flora, while also blocking free radical damage.

Placebo Controlled Study - Laboratory Technician Preparing Control Treatments for a Placebo Controlled Study

Simply put, Myco Nuker creates an invisible barrier against potentially deadly fungi, strengthens your immune system, reconditions your skin and nails, balances gut flora, while also blocking free radical damage.

To Put Things Into Perspective Here’s Exactly What You Can Expect From Myco Nuker…

  • Immediate relief from your symptoms that only get better each day!
  • No more discomfort and restoration of your social and intimate life!
  • More energy to enjoy the activities you once loved!
  • Reduced brain fog and improved memory!
  • Improved circulation and digestion!
  • A younger-looking appearance of your skin, hair, and nails!
  • But above all, full control over every aspect of your life and the chance to live like you were meant to live – worry-free!

You should also know that MycoNuker is manufactured right here in the U.S…

In a facility that follows all GMP and FDA Guidelines…

And that we’ve had each batch tested by an independent third-party laboratory…

To ensure that what’s on the label is really inside!

So when you add the facts up…

It should be pretty clear why MycoNuker is a top high-quality and effective anti-fungus supplement.

The ingredients inside have been proven in thousands of studies to fight the root cause of toenail fungus which is yeast overgrowth…

They also help to protect your memory, improve bone health, and boost immunity.

In fact, within just a few short days of taking MycoNuker…

You could feel like you’ve been given an entirely new lease on life.

Imagine not only looking and feeling younger, enjoying a sudden reboot.

But also having better digestion…

No more chronic aches or joint pain…

Your memory will improve…

And you will experience a fresh wave of energy to do the activities you love most…

Playing with your children and grandchildren…

Basking in the sun at the beach…

Experiencing intimacy to its fullest!

Because these are the exact things that people who’ve been using Myco Nuker had to say…

What Other People Think of Myco Nuker

Here’s the thing…

Fungi are not “sexy,” which created a kind of competitive disadvantage when we tried to get the attention of governments, major foundations, the media, etc.

We don’t need their help to show the world that our product saves and improves millions of lives.

All that counts is the people’s opinions.

This is why we created this website in the first place.

It’s our way of spreading the word…

To our surprise, with the science behind Myco Nuker, advocacy came naturally.

Here are just some opinions we’ve gathered so far…

John V
Sandy M.
Steve K.
Jody L.
Mark N.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands on Myco Nuker…

The normal price of Myco Nuker is $149.

But while I think that’s very fair…

Because it’s worth every penny considering the research, tests, and studies that went into the making of this potent supplement not to mention the ingredients…

I also know that $149 is a lot to ask straight off the bat and that many people will have trouble taking $149 dollars out of their pocket…especially during these uncertain pandemic times.

After much back-and-forth with Maria, who co-sponsored the research for this supplement as a way of letting the world know of her husband’s painful journey and helping other people in the process too…

She has agreed to let us lower the price and give you a special discounted deal available only through this presentation and on this website.

A discount that will give you access to a 30-day supply of MycoNuker not for $149…or even $97…

But instead for the special price of just $69.

That’s $80 in total savings…

Here’s the thing though…

Right now, there are some major distributors interested in Myco Nuker so as long as negotiations take place, we have locked a batch of 100,000 bottles, for which we CAN guarantee this price.

However, once the contracts are signed and the stock will need to be replenished it’s out of our hands.

So get started with your very own supply of Myco Nuker by clicking the button below.

We’ll also cover shipping and handling

if your order is over $100.

Which saves you another $12.99.

Your investment today also includes 2 free digital copies of our popular guides “The Green Book of Beverages” and “Atlas of Home Remedies”.

problems, even preventing more serious illnesses.

The Green Book of Beverages: 50 Natural Recipes for Total Body Repair — $29 value

Long before meds were available nutrition was the main source for restoring health. This guide was created with the purpose of healing the body from the inside out, through nutrition.

Thanks to the concept of food synergy which is based on, you can enjoy the unique health benefits of different fruit and vegetable drink combinations with specific recipes for improving your intestinal transit, addressing circulation and respiratory

The-Green-book of-Beverages-3D-v2

Digital Downloads Only.
CD images are shown just for illustration purposes.

Atlas of Home Remedies – $29 value

Atlas of Home Remedies is the second digital book you get together with your order of Myco Nuker today. Inside this guide, you will discover countless simple and cost-effective remedies from natural ingredients you can apply yourself without making a visit to the doctor’s office.

These offer fast yet efficient solutions for common conditions like dandruff, acne, heartburn, headaches but also for complex problems like arthritis, asthma, and many more.

This is another $29 value, but yours for free today.

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Fungal infections live constantly around us. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They are everywhere in nature…

Ready to infect a new host every 5 minutes.

Leaving you exposed to a series of health problems at best…

And fighting for your life at worst…

In fact, if you think that you are protected against fungus by avoiding certain spots like public showers, pools, the harsh reality is … there’s no way to steer clear from the fungus.

The problem with this image painted by mainstream media is that it masks the fact that almost half of the population will suffer from it at one point or another – even with proper hygiene and body care.

What’s worse is that NOT many people are aware of the death toll and severe damage they can cause to other organs too.

In fact, fungal infections take more than 1.3 million lives each year worldwide, nearly as many as tuberculosis.

And they do not discriminate in any way.

They even affect CELEBRITIES!

That’s because they live on floors, plants, household surfaces, your skin, even in your air conditioning.

This makes them extremely resistant and especially difficult to avoid.

Unless you want to live for the rest of your life in a cocoon, you need to accept that fungal infections are very common and widely spread.

Sure you could try to avoid questionable places, but in the end, it’s only a number’s game.

If your immune system is already compromised because of candida overgrowth, it can become a burden and a real threat to your health.

And it all starts in your stomach…

Right Now
You Have Only

3 Available Options

Option 1 is to do nothing and just hope that your toenail fungus will go away on its own.

You could do that.

It’s certainly your right…

To take the chance by doing nothing.

In this case, the fungus will affect more than just your self-esteem and social life, it will spread to other nails and organs, control your life, and jeopardize your health.

Option 2 is to continue popping medication, intoxicating your liver, and jeopardizing your health.

But without a bulletproof immune system and multi-level approach all you will be doing, in the end, is postponing the gruesome outcome.

You know as well as I do that there’s little chance of getting rid of it completely with meds. Instead during this time, the side effects could kneel you and even trigger a chain reaction of fungi resistance.

Option 3 and the smart decision, in this case, is to order Myco Nuker today completely risk free and start seeing the change in your body.

Because you have to understand something.

When it comes to your health, you are in the driver’s seat.

And no matter how many toenail fungus treatments you will try, chances are you will end up disappointed every time.

The sad truth is that toenail fungus will not go away on its own without targeting it’s true cause and allowing your body to regenerate from the inside out.

I‘ve just listed the alternatives here, but the choice is all yours.

You know what to do here.

Click the button below and jump on this opportunity to finally put an end to toenail fungus and enjoy your life to the fullest.


Q1. How many bottles should I order?

As many as you want. The most popular order among our new customers is of 3 bottles,  while the 6-bottle package allows you to take advantage of an even bigger discount and ensure continuity of treatment or even offer the extra bottle as a thoughtful gift to someone who needs it.

Q2. How safe is Myco Nuker?

Myco Nuker is an all-natural supplement that combines 25 immunity-boosting, antifungal, and antioxidant superfoods. The research behind it not only revealed its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, but also its gut-repairing potential reported by customers who also saw improvements in their energy levels, memory, joints pain, digestive tract, etc.

Q3. How do I use it?

Myco Nuker is a dietary supplement. The recommended dosage is 2 veggie capsules per day, taken with a glass of water, 30 minutes before a meal or as per your healthcare provider’s instructions.

Q4. What if it doesn’t work for me? Is there a guarantee?

Every person is different and so every reaction is different too. This is why we strongly recommend you to consult with your physician for he or she knows your medical history best and can provide the best custom input in that regard. Even if many people have benefited from this unique 25 high-quality herb blend we’re aware that results can vary. So, if you’re unsatisfied with this product for any reason whatsoever after a full 60 days of use, we’ll return your money, no questions asked. And you can keep the container with the capsules too.

Q5. How early should I start seeing the results?

As with most supplements, it might take a while until you start seeing the positive effects, but from the experience of our customers, most of them reported noticeable improvements from the first few days of use.


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